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Purple Mountains Mask

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The Purple Mountains Mask is a rich, jewel-toned, fractal print. Geometric yet soothing, and always on trend. Purple mountains majesty, indeed!

This special collaboration with Subzero Masks is a buy one give one. With each purchase Inkkas will donate one mask to Model Citizen Fund. Model Citizen Fund is a non-profit organization that provides a platform where people can see a true and immediate cause and effect by donating backpacks with over 100 essential items inside to people in need around the world.

All Subzero Masks are premium filtered masks with two layers of filter media, sewn into the middle of the mask: a carbon filter for odors, some ozone and VOC’s; and highly efficient class particle filter for protecting from inhaled microscopic particles including dust, pollen, shavings, mold, biologics, germs, and contaminants in poor air quality.

These masks are 100% cotton, washable (hand wash only) & re-usable, made in the USA, and not for medical use. Please allow 7-10 days business days to ship. 

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Giving Back

One shoe at a time

As a company, Inkkas is founded on the principles of fair trade and global philanthropy. Our products are crafted with respect for the environment and the people who make them. As a part of the OneShoeOneTree project and in partnership with Trees For The Future, Inkkas plants one tree for every shoe purchase. Inkkas is helping reforest the world and develop sustainable agricultural infrastructure for communities around the globe. Our goal is to leave this world better than we found it.

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