Art Heals

Art Heals

We are each artists, in our own way. 

As humans, we seek outlets that allow us to express our feelings, thoughts and ideas, nurture growth and healing, and provide stimulation or distraction. 

Our ancestors used crude tools to etch out the contents of their neolithic minds on cave walls, drawing scenes of hunting and gathering food. The importance of expressing their humanity was the very origins of what it means to be human. Though much has changed over time, some things remain the same. 

Without even realizing it, we each find ways to create. Writing, doodling, dancing, arranging (and rearranging) furniture, cooking, snapping a photo, shopping and outfitting... And of course makeup is an art.  Artistic expression comes in endless forms

Whatever the medium, set some time aside to work with your hands, create something from nothing, and connect with the power of your imagination. It can be crucial to mental and emotional wellness and enrichment.

And here’s an option. Inkkas has created the  Express Yourself Shoe Art Contest  as an opportunity to allow our community to create, share, and relish in art together. With blank shoes as your canvas, we want to see how you express yourself and your unique view of the world. Please tell us your stories through color, pattern, shapes, nature -- the theme and the materials are up to you! When the contest closes on March 31, 2021, three winners will be selected and receive a $300 gift card to and may be featured on our social media. Read the full Contest Rules and how to participate here. (No purchase is necessary to participate!)

As if we need another reason to engage with our artistic selves, there is also a huge amount of literature on the incredible healing powers of art. For example, viewing different colors can uplift your mood, whether they are on the  warm end of  the color   spectrum  (like red and orange) or  cooler  tones  (like blue and green). You’re welcome.

Looking for additional artistic inspiration? Check these out:

For a Laugh: The Instagram account “@dailyart” features over ten thousand posts that range from the humorous (check out  this guy who turned his nose into an alien with a few strokes of his pen) to the hypnotically bizarre (i.e this person using blades of grass and micro flowers to pull off a killer manicure). 

For Inspo: This woman uses red wine to paint an incredible portrait, and a food-lover uses fresh fruit to make detailed geometric shapes, anything can be your canvas! 

Interesting Art Healing Fact: The mind responds to the psychological and cultural messages that we may associate with different colors and shapes. For example, the sound of the paint or markers gliding across the canvas can trigger “ASMR,” or autonomous sensory meridian response. ASMR causes a prickling sensation on the scalp and produces a calming effect. (Pretty cool right?!) During the creative process the brain is focused only on the task at hand, not on past memories or future anxieties, this makes for an immersive experience that reminds us what life is all about. 

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