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Right This Way... Meet the Summer 2023 Contours Collection.

The heat is here, right on time for our latest collection. The Summer 2023 Contours Collection brings what you love most - inspired by the world and designed just for you. ...

The heat is here, right on time for our latest collection. The Summer 2023 Contours Collection brings what you love most - inspired by the world and designed just for you. 

Our newest collection introduces 20 unique new styles that travel the globe, experiencing joy in the peaks and valleys, and discovering magic in the mysteries.

Drift along the tide, swing through the trees, run through the meadows -- do it all in these handcrafted, artful shoes.

  • Explore vibrant + unique + warm-weather-ready designs.
  • Features the newly enhanced V2 Runner and all new Ace High Top

Above, the MOHAVE: The soft glow of a desert sunset casts a spell on these curious sand creatures. Paying homage to the spectacular California Mojave Desert and its rich landscape, this design features Joshua trees, jackrabbits, desert tortoise, roadrunners, and lizards. (Oh my!)


Above, the TRANQUILO: Within the Marble Caves (Capillas de Mármol) of Chile's Patagonia region is a treasure trove of spectacular color. Only reachable by boat or kayak, you will find that Mother Nature herself has masterfully shaped and painted these caves, leaving only marbled jewel tones of blue, yellow and teal dancing above. The mystery of nature makes for a magical footbed.


Above, the LEA: The Alpine gardens blossom from June to September, but in this Lea design, you step into blooming meadows any time of year. Complimented by a dusk sky of blush, ash blue, and soft lilac, and using a playful crayon technique, this design evokes the childlike feeling of running free through a field of flowers.


Above, the NILAND: Inspired by the famous folk art California hillside known as Salvation Mountain, this design is as quirky as the actual national treasure with its florals, bright colors, and stripes. Earthy colors with pops of red and blue keep this unique look grounded.


Above, the NIARI: Welcome to the jungle. With over 600 unique tree species and 10,000 animal species, the lush rainforest of the Republic of the Congo teems with natural wildlife. The spectrum of greens in this intricate Niari design showcases the vibrancy of nature while camouflaging its many inhabitants, including chimpanzees, elephants, lions, okapi, and peacocks.

Above, the MIRAVI: Art inspires art. While surrealism was introduced in the 1920s as an anti-art that deliberately defied reason, surrealism's emphasis is actually on positive expression. In this surreal Miravi design, marvel at the convergence of geometric shapes, clean lines, and a simple primary color scheme, which adds mustard yellow and teal for a modern twist.


Above, the SOBEK: Crocodiles are famous for many reasons, but did you know they are a symbol for wisdom and renewal? In fact, crocs were revered in Ancient Egypt for their qualities as loyal protectors and observant secret keepers. This Sobek design, named after the Crocodile deity responsible for controlling the marshes, highlights the graceful and mesmerizing movements of this creature's long, curvy and powerful body. No wonder why the croc never goes out of style. 


Above, the TOUBKAL: Inspired by the Atlas Mountains of Morocco and the beauty and strength of womanhood, this design features a female figure who brings color and life to a dry, scorched landscape. Offering vitality, style, and radiant blue flowers, the Toubkal design is truly a tall glass of water in the desert. 

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