Creativity Brings Us Together!

Creativity Brings Us Together!

Art is an essential part of our lives: It allows us to express our inner selves and connect with each other in innumerable ways. Whether you are skilled at drawing, cooking, styling an outfit, or arranging a fun Instagram account to share with family and friends -- we were all born with creative souls. And that creativity brings us together! We at Inkkas had the pleasure of collaborating with an amazing artist named Kelcey Foster, and we are ecstatic that she shared her beautiful and colorful sketches of our latest shoe design, the Inkkas Booties! 

The latest drop from our Ethos Collection contains four beautiful booties (among other Inkkas styles). These booties are special because there isn’t anything quite like them in our repertoire. The Brown Leather, Rooster, Savannah, and Prickly booties have changed the game for summer and fall fashion, and the response from our Inkkas fam is out of this world! When Kelcey sent us photos of her artistic process, we could not have imagined a better way to showcase all four booties, each shining in its own unique glory!

The Brown Leather bootie is inspired by our classic Brown Leather camping boot, and has a traditional Peruvian textile that makes this bootie really stand out. Perfect for date night or any casual outfit, the Savannah bootie features smooth grey suede and a colorful floral panel that brings life and energy everywhere you go. 

An Inkkas fan favorite design is the Rooster print, which is inspired by the national animal of Sri Lanka, the Ceylon junglefowl. The pink, red, and green tones on this style pops in contrast to the overall black of the bootie -- no wonder it’s a bestseller! 

The Prickly bootie brings the fun into any room with it’s light hearted cactus design and tan suede... an Inkkas style that will make you want to grab life by the thorns and go!

All four of these new bootie designs were so wonderfully captured by Kelcey in her drawing. A big thank you goes out to her for sharing her process and to all of you amazing artists out there! By sharing a little bit of your creativity, you can bring light to even the darkest of days! If you would like to make the next Inkkas masterpiece for a chance to be featured on our blog, tag us in your artwork on Instagram (@inkkasworldwear). We would love to see what you create!

About the Artist:

Kelcey Foster is a full time artist based in Syracuse, New York. She is the owner of Silent Moment Photography (www.silent moment as well as Tree Forts and Fireflies ( Her artistic mediums of choice are watercolor painting, clay, woodworking and photography. She’s inspired by color, light, textures, music, outer space, travel... and a lot of her inspiration comes from her childhood memories. She loves incorporating playfulness and innocence into her artwork. Her desire is that every person that experiences her art will feel a burst of happiness within themselves and walk away with a stronger sense of the joyfulness that life has to offer. She loves every bit of what she does and is abundantly grateful for the life she’s been given. Her artwork is available to order on her website:

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