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Inkkas shoes change lives, one step at a time. Join us in celebrating beautiful design, cultural awareness and inclusiveness, fair trade manufacturing practices, and planting a tree for each purchase.

Inkkas shoes change lives, one step at a time. Join us in celebrating beautiful design, cultural awareness and inclusiveness, fair trade manufacturing practices, and planting a tree for each purchase. Your life is a unique journey where individual expression paints a colorful picture of where you have been, and where you are destined to go next. All of the detailed artwork on Inkkas shoes are original creations inspired by authentic textiles, designed to reflect the global wanderer in you. The extraordinary artwork also reflects the respect Inkkas has for the environment and tells our story of making the world a better place with planting forest gardens and philanthropic acts across the globe. In partnership with Trees for the Future (, our vision of creating a more sustainable and connected planet is realized with the purchase of each pair of shoes. Inkkas makes the world a bit more green every day. 

In a sea of consumer products that seem to only take from the environment, it can be frustrating to find something that makes you feel good about your purchase. Many people are attracted to eating healthier, incorporating greens and antioxidant rich superfoods into their diets, after all, we are what we eat. Is it possible that we are what we wear as well? It feels good to wear fun colors and stylish patterns, but when there is a great cause and purpose behind the fashion, this speaks to who we are beyond the surface level. Inkkas shoes are handmade in Latin America, where a backpacking trip in 2012 first inspired the idea to use authentic textiles to craft shoes that help uplift local communities. Developing countries across the world need their local farmers to thrive and we are honored to play a role in helping uplift these communities from the soil up. The Inkkas’ OneShoeOneTree project illuminates the issue of climate change, and agricultural needs of impoverished communities in developing countries and tackles it head on. So far we have planted over 240,000 trees to aid in sequestering 62.8 metric tons of carbon. 61 forest gardens have been supported at a rate of 4,000 trees per forest garden, this equates to an average carbon offset of 34.6 pounds of carbon per tree. Within these life sustaining forest gardens, we support approximately 7  beneficiaries per garden, totaling 427 people who are provided with employment to help support their families. In summation, 7,122 pounds of carbon have been offset by planting hundreds of thousands of trees, further proving that trees are the heartbeat that the planet so desperately needs in order to thrive. 

Not only does Inkkas see the value in improving the environment and helping communities in need, but we see the value and individuality in each person who wears our shoes. You put your heart on your sleeve, and you want others to become involved in solving difficult universal issues that the world faces daily. When you express yourself, you do it in your Inkkas. There is no better way to start a conversation and make people feel welcome, than representing the authentic textiles, artistry, and the issues you care about most. 

The story of your life is a vibrant journey that only you can tell, each step that you take is an adventure, an exciting current in the river of life that propels you forward. Do what you care about in your Inkkas, be what you love, and love who you are.  

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