Finding Serenity at Home

Finding Serenity at Home

Struggling to find inspiration lately? Yeah, the struggle is real. That is how this particular collection came to life. The journey in creating the Serenity Collection  was just as restorative for us as we intend it to be for you. 

These days, finding serenity at home is a constant yet evolving task. The monotony of being home all day, and the endless interruptions that bombard us while we’re home... it can be difficult to find even a few uninterrupted moments of peace.  So, at Inkkas, we needed  to be working on this. The result, we believe, is something truly beautiful, healing, and unique. 

Our goal with the Serenity Collection was to create designs that help us to center ourselves. Inspired by meditation, astrology, nature, and the essence of Bali, we hope that our collection encourages you to take a step back and retain a measure of intuitive balance in your life. Here are some practical steps for doing just that! 

MEDITATION. The ancient practice of obtaining peace in both body and spirit. It begins with the struggle of training one’s attention. Once mastered, it can become a source of liberation from pain and anxiety, while increasing mindfulness. Improve your mood and outlook today by downloading a meditation app to your phone! Meditations in the Calm app are about ten to fifteen minutes long and they are organized by theme. Some sections of the Calm app feature self care, anxiety, deep sleep, focus and so many more! When you click on each theme, it gives you a bunch of different meditations to choose from, this is a perfect tool to get centered during a busy day, or right before bed!

Another meditation app called Headspace teaches courses on what meditation is all about! You can choose between a male or female voice who guides you through the ins and outs of basic meditation, or you can choose from more advanced classes if you have some experience under your belt. Expand your mind by taking classes on restlessness, performance mindset, personal growth, work productivity and many others. 

A meditation app named Ten Percent Happier (something we all would love to be, especially after 2020) puts a spin on meditation and gears itself toward the mindfulness skeptic. It begins with short and simple videos, and then dives into more lengthy content. Each section is presented by a different teacher, and offers insight on emotions, ethics, life advice, and other worthwhile topics that are addressed. Building a meditation habit could lead to a calmer more productive life, all you have to do is try the method that works best for you.  Namaste. (Pictured: Kali Slip On)

ASTROLOGY. From our viewpoint (hello Earth), we have identified 88 constellations. The Zodiac focuses on 12 of these mysterious majesties: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Your Zodiac sign correlates to the position that the sun and stars were in on the day of your birth! All twelve signs were determined over 2,200 years ago by ancient Egyptian civilizations and it is amazing how astronomy has its roots in modern day life. Millennials are becoming more spiritual and are looking to age old astrology to help guide them in their day to day lives. The account “@horoscopes” on Instagram boasts 947k followers, and most of them are young people who want to keep up with their daily horoscope readings without having to search for it online. On this account, we learn that the Lunar Eclipse is upon us, this new moon closes one door forever, but opens up a new one. This could mean that positive things are coming in 2021 (yes please!) and the next story of our life will be one that brings inspiring change.

It’s all written in the stars. (Pictured: Mystic Slides)

NATURE, UNINTERRUPTED: The sleek and free form of a Mallard in flight is one of the most beautiful, natural sights in North America. And you should see for yourself.  Science has suggested that spending time in nature reduces blood pressure and lowers the body's “fight or flight” instinctual response to stressful situations. In fact, not only does being in nature help the body reduce cortisol (stress hormones), but seeing images of nature may soothe the brain's stress activity. So, if you can’t get away, at least look  away… and you can start by checking out these Mallard booties. (Pictured: Mallard Booties)

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