The world is full of amazing places to visit,  people to meet, and new foods to be devoured. Come with us as we hear from our amazing Inkkas Fam (you!) as they recount travels across the U.S. and abroad. With each journey, there is always  an exciting adventure to be uncovered. We call this  #InkkasWanderlust

Left: Inkkas contest winner, Charlotte Nicole, rocking her Rooster Runners

Right: Taken by Charlotte Nicole in Moshi, Tanzania 

Meet Charlotte Nicole

Hi, my name is Charlotte Nicole and I'm from, and grew up in, southern Indiana. Growing up, I had the privilege to travel a lot with my family and because of those adventures, I developed a love for all things this world has to offer, especially the diversity among cultures. When I’m not traveling I indulge my coffee addiction. I love to just sit on my back porch and sip. Otherwise, I’m currently a grad student getting my Masters in Positive Coaching & Athletic Leadership. For work, I own a training studio that combines the core principles of sports psychology and dance to then teach dance techniques, life skills and mentorship. Overall, I like to live my life colorfully - from my clothing to my adventures. The brighter, bolder, and more beautiful the better!

Where is your favorite place that you have traveled?

My travels to Tanzania and Rwanda, in Africa, hands down. I went to Tanzania for the first time in 2018 and then both Tanzania and Rwanda in January 2020. In fact, when I went this past January, I successfully summited Mount Kilimanjaro with a women-only team as part of a mission trip to raise money for a children’s food program. My travels reminded me to take life slow and to be intentional with my time with people.

What was your favorite meal or snack there?

Samosas! I am 100% sure I ate them for every meal that they were an option!

What did you sightsee? 

Aside from Mount Kilimanjaro, which was FULL of majestic and breathtaking sights, we also walked around the market in downtown Moshi, Tanzania before our climb. Post climb, I visited my sponsored student in neighboring Rwanda and saw more of the country and her home there. The countryside was so lush and vibrant with color and full of never-ending energy -- it was all so captivating.”


We truly appreciate Charlotte for sharing part of her beautiful journey with us. Traveling and experiencing other cultures gives us all the gift of perspective and reminds us, as Charlotte said, to “take life slow.” We were so inspired to hear about her trip that we recreated her favorite snack that she sampled in the region; samosas! This is a simplified recipe using minimal ingredients that you can put together for around $5 total! Take some time with family, a friend, or quiet-time by yourself to enjoy the cooking process and savor these flavors. Thank you Charlotte, and we wish you happiness and luck in all of your future travel adventures!

Super easy and inexpensive samosa recipe!

½ lb peeled potatoes

¼ small onion

¼ cup peas

1 tbsp curry powder

½ tsp chili powder 

1 egg white

Wonton wrappers (cut in half to make rectangles)

Frying oil

Salt (to taste)

1. Peel potatoes, cut into small cubes, and boil for 10 minutes.

2. Dice onion and cook until slightly brown over medium heat with a teaspoon of oil.

3. Put cooked potato and onion in a bowl with the curry powder, chili powder, peas, and salt. Mix thoroughly with a spoon.

4. Brush egg white on the parameter of the wonton wrappers and put one tablespoon of the mashed potato mixture on the right end. Fold the top right corner of the wrapper to meet the bottom, creating a triangle, and press the edges. Keep folding until the wrapper looks like a triangular envelope.

Tip: Press out all air pockets so that only the filling is inside. Thoroughly pat down all edges so that it doesn't open during the cooking process. 

5. Fry samosas in two inches of oil on medium-high heat. You can test if the oil is hot enough by putting a chopstick in. If small bubbles emit from the chopstick, the oil is hot enough to put your samosas in! Cook until golden brown.

Enjoy your beautiful creations! They’ll be gone in the blink of an eye! ;)

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