Meet the Artist: Stephanie Moon - Cinque Bella

Meet the Artist: Stephanie Moon - Cinque Bella

The vibrant and romantic Cinque Bella design has made a colorful splash as one of our top-selling Slip Ons. The artwork is based on the picturesque Italian fishing village, Cinque Terre, at sunset. And this hand-painted depiction of the serene ocean ombre by the talented Stephanie Moon is simply stunning. Colorful rooftops adorn rugged cliffs as a dolphin dances in the water. From design to construction, the beauty is in the details. Read on for more about the artist and process.


Stephanie Moon is a painter from Colorado Springs. She uses mark-making and vivid colors to bring the vibration of nature to life on canvas.  



Stephanie, can you share the process for creating the Cinque Bella?

Creating Cinque Bella was a fun process for me.  The image contains some of my favorite things to paint: water, sunsets and a beautiful hillside of colorful homes.  I researched the area as I created this piece, which helps me understand what makes a place unique.  In creating this piece, I was able to take all of the best visual elements of the region and combine them into something really fun and colorful.   

How did you get into art, painting, and design?

I’ve loved art since I was a little kid.  I was lucky enough to have art classes kindergarten through senior year of high school, and I received a BFA in painting from Western Michigan University.  I spent the beginning of my career focusing on teaching, but soon felt called to create my own work and began exploring landscape work.  I’ve been creating and selling my work for the past decade, and nothing brings more bliss than people loving my work and making it part of their lives.   

Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration comes from the land.  I love being outside in nature. Living in the Colorado foothills will do that to a person.  But the more I explore our earth, the more I’m drawn to paint all of the wild wonderful things I see.    

Is painting your full-time job? 

I am a full-time art educator and painter.  I love teaching others about art, and it honestly inspires me to think about my own work in new and exciting ways.  I spend most of the rest of my time in my studio or out on the trails getting ideas to bring back to my studio.   

What medium do you prefer to use?  

I am a huge fan of acrylic soft body paint on canvas. My style in particular focuses on bold colors and mark-making. I like the control acrylics provide, and the brush stroke application I can achieve.  

What keeps you creating? How do you get inspired?   

I keep creating because sometimes my brain won’t let something go until I can paint it. Thoughts of how I would paint something are always floating around in my head, and eventually they need to manifest on canvas. If I’m ever stuck or frustrated in my creating, I head out into the mountains and find the clarity I need.  Painting is the itch that needs to be scratched for me, I can’t let it go.


Stephanie Moon 

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Her work can also be found at
45 Degree Gallery in Colorado Springs, Colorado
& at Aspen and Evergreen in Estes Park, Colorado 
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