Venture Ahead in ALL-NEW Trekk Boots

Venture Ahead in ALL-NEW Trekk Boots

Whether you prefer shoes built for rugged adventure or artistic expression, Inkkas brings both with our all-NEW TREKK Boot. Delivering out-of-the-box comfort, these boots are a must-have in your Inkkas collection.

  • New durable and rugged outsole 
  • Removable insole features cushion-fit technology 
  • Padded ankle for added support and comfort
  • No break-in time necessary
  • Brass eyelets plus hooked top eyelet for precise fit
Alpine Trekk Boot Spot the camper and join the ride along the ridges and valleys of the Rocky Mountains, as Alpine trees line your way.
Aurora Trekk Boot The atmospheric phenomenon known as Aurora Borealis (aka the Northern Lights) has captivated humans for millenia. They remind us of the majesty of nature and our humble place within it.
BlackBird Trekk Boot offers an understated look, featuring classic Peruvian textiles highlighted by buttery black suede.
Brisbane Trekk Boot The Brisbane design celebrates Australian Aboriginal art, defined by an intricately dotted pattern that echoes to create beautiful imagery. The artwork here shows sun rays flowing over mountains and earth
Corozal Trekk Boot  Named after the city in Belize, and based upon Mayan patterns incorporating the sun, the snake, and the all-seeing eye, this beauty features taupe, gray-blue, and shades of orange.
Cyprus Trekk Boot Buttery cherry brown leather complements this best-selling Cyprus design, featuring earthy sunset hues and pops of soft turquoise. Stand tall like the elegant wild mouflon surrounded by the majestic Mediterranean Islands.
Monterey Trekk Boot  This design pays homage to the summer foggy skies of Monterey, the infamous town along California’s central coast where so much artistry and natural beauty collide.  Featuring soft shades of cream, blush, yellow, and blue.

Rooster Trekk Boot  Handcrafted, soft cherry brown leather surrounds this best-selling Rooster print, featuring jewel-toned shades of fuschia and teal. Sure as the Rooster crows, this will be love at first step. Inspired by the national animal of Sri Lanka, the Ceylon junglefowl, most common in Kitulgala, Yala and Sinharaja.

Tauro Trekk Boot Step into the hooves of the fierce and tenacious Tauro, derived from Greek mythology as a symbol of determination. Entwined in a field of flowers and vines, this bull represents courage, wealth (however you define it) and power. Earth tones set against a dramatic black backdrop creates an alluring combo



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